The FX high-end power cable


    • Fine stranded copper wire
    • Copper wires 4×2,5mm2
    • Shielding by natural crystalline quartz & Shungite mixture
    • Copper shielding braid
    • Teflon PTFE insulation
    • Basalt outer sheath
    • Decoupling rings
    • High-End Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) connectors Rhodium plated
    • Option: EU or US connectors

The Moonwires FX power cable has been crafted for high-end audio systems, with a focused selection of natural materials and technologies to optimize the transmission of electrical current to hi-fi components.

The innovative shielding, composed of a mix of quartz sand and shungite, plays a vital role in limiting electromagnetic radiation, preventing the cable from disturbing its environment and protecting it from external interference, thus ensuring a high-quality power supply to audio devices.

The mineral shielding also reduces crosstalk between adjacent cables, a crucial phenomenon in systems where cables are closely packed. The mineral-based shielding offers additional benefits, notably better absorption of electromagnetic interference compared to traditional shielding, and a filtering effect on noise.

The use of high-quality dielectrics such as Teflon PTFE, combined with a basalt outer sheath, significantly reduces the effects of triboelectricity and consequently decreases the static noise that could be generated by synthetic materials.

The Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) connectors, employed for the Moonwires FX cable, represent the pinnacle of IEC connectors for audiophiles. Incorporating NCF technology, they generate negative ions to neutralize static discharges and convert them into infrared heat. When combined with ceramic particles and carbon powder, they provide unprecedented vibration absorption and piezoelectric damping, making Furutech connectors a benchmark in electrical and mechanical damping performance and expertise.

Thus, the Moonwires FX cable positions itself as the ultimate solution for those seeking uncompromised musical quality, thanks to its mineral shielding and uncompromising design.

length power cord

190cm, 160cm

IEC Plugs

IEC 10A Rhodium, IEC 20A Rhodium

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