Cetus high-end power cable


  • Fine stranded copper wire
  • Wires 4×2,5mm2
  • Shungite powder coating
  • Copper shielding braid
  • Teflon PTFE insulation
  • Polyester and strands of tinned copper outer sheath
  • Gold-plated connector
  • Option: Swiss, EU or US connectors

The dielectric quality of the insulating materials used in the cables, especially the sheath and the air/water vapor mixture surrounding them, can or will profoundly affect the quality of the musical signals and your listening comfort. This is why the electromagnetic quality of the air surrounding a conductor or an electronic component is so important.

The very design of a cable makes it a true capacitor, in other words, a component that gives off energy. The insulated conductor and the ground act as the armature and the dielectric is the insulation (sheath) that surrounds the cable. The energy of a capacitor is located in the dielectric or the insulator.

The mains power is the first link in a high fidelity system. It is the most important element for your hifi system. It is essential to offer your system a stable and clean voltage. The quality of a power cable cannot be reduced to the quality or diameter of the conductors.

At Moonwires, we have noticed an influence on the sound quality depending on the type of material used for the sheathing of electrical cables. That is why we have opted for an abrasive treatment of the sheaths in our cables. The conductors are protected by a mixture of quartz sand, protecting them and limiting their electromagnetic radiation in the room. It is in this spirit that we propose our range of high quality power cables.

Specification sheet Moonwires

length power cord

190cm, 160cm, 130cm, 100cm

Electrical socket

Schuko EU, T12 CH

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