AB-TECH – KLAR USB Cable with Galvanic Isolator


High Speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
Complete galvanic isolation
Regenerated signal
Gold plated connectors (A-B)
Max load 100mA
Different lenghts are available

This high-speed USB 2.0 cable with galvanic isolator not only acts as a filter, but also completely isolates signal, power and ground galvanically. This means that all interfering noise is eliminated, allowing only the digital signal to be transmitted.

The aluminum housing is machined from two solid pieces of high-quality, non-magnetic aluminum, specially designed to avoid any interference. The galvanic isolator is mounted so as to be mechanically isolated from any vibrations. The connectors are high-quality gold-plated to ensure a good connection.

The cable is made of high-quality tinned copper wire, with one twisted pair for signal and two separate wires for power. The shielding is made of aluminum mylar and tinned copper braid. The whole thing is then covered with a special thermoplastic material, and wrapped in a noise-reducing sleeve that meets aerospace standards. The result is a luxurious finish for the entire cable.


We strongly advise against using the KLAR with DACs that depend on the USB input for their power supply. The KLAR is not compatible with all devices that supply power to the entire USB circuit from the USB input. The KLAR’s galvanic isolator has a maximum load capacity of 100 mA. If the load exceeds this value, the isolator switches off.

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