AB-TECH – REN Ethernet Cable with Galvanic Isolator


CAT 8.1 Cable & Connectors
Complete galvanic isolation
RJ45 connectors
Different lenghts are available

This cable with its galvanic isolator not only acts as a filter, but also completely isolates signal and ground galvanically. This means that all parasitic noise is eliminated, allowing only the digital signal to be transmitted.

The aluminum case is machined from two solid pieces of high-quality, non-magnetic aluminum, specially designed to avoid any interference. The galvanic isolator is mounted so as to be mechanically isolated from any vibrations.

The RJ45 connectors used are specially designed for high-end Ethernet cables, and feature a robust die-cast zinc housing and high-quality locking protectors.

The cable itself is a high-quality Cat-8 Ethernet cable, specially designed to suppress interference and generally used for medical and military purposes, where noise reduction is an important specification. PETP aluminum foil insulates each pair of copper cables. The four pairs are then covered with a special thermoplastic material, followed by a high-quality sheath that meets aerospace industry standards. The result is a luxurious finish for the cable as a whole.

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