High-end XLR cable – Columbia EVO2 CRYO


  • 3 silver-plated fine copper conductors
  • Shielding: two silver-plated copper braids
  • Mineral shielding with shungite powder
  • Dielectric: Teflon PTFE
  • Magnetostatic shielding with Mumetal foil
  • External sheath in basalt
  • Cryogenic Treated
  • Rhodium-plated Furutech High-end XLR connectors

Uncompromising Columbia XLR Cable

Inspired by our premium Columbia RCA cable, the Columbia XLR features 3 LowLoss silver-plated conductors, delivering proven musical performance. With dual shielding and low attenuation, this cable distinguishes itself with sonic excellence.

For our XLR cables, we uphold the same quality standards that have made our mineral-shielded cables successful. Utilizing PTFE Teflon dielectrics and high-quality shields like Mumetal, they ensure uncompromising signal transmission.

Additionally, a unique mineral shielding with Shungite powder enhances conductor protection against electromagnetic interference. Basalt outer jackets, a volcanic rock, provide increased durability and protection.

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