High-end RCA cable Borealis


  • Inner conductor bare copper wire – Ø 1 x 1.13 mm
  • Dielectric foamed cell polyethylene (PE) – Ø 3.1 mm
  • Outer conductor 1 Cu-foil overlapping
  • Outer conductor 2 Cu-braid
  • Mineral shielded with shungite powder
  • Teflon PTFE
  • Basalt outer sheath
  • Silver soldering 10 %
  • RCA Plugs Tellurium Copper Silver or Gold Plated Ø8.5mm

For our Moonwires RCA signal cables, we apply the tried-and-tested principles that define our power cables. We select Teflon PTFE dielectrics for their superior insulation and incorporate high-end shielding such as Mumetal or copper, known for their ability to counteract electromagnetic interference.

The outer sheaths made of basalt or Mylar provide robustness and additional protection against electromagnetic disturbances that could degrade the audio signal quality.

Furthermore, our mineral-shielded cables benefit from the addition of a special compound based on shungite powder, a mineral acknowledged for its ability to absorb and neutralize high-frequency electromagnetic fields, thereby reducing interference and enhancing sound clarity. Its conductive properties also aid in dissipating static electricity, minimizing unwanted noise.

Specification sheet Moonwires

length rca cable

150cm, 120cm, 90cm

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