high-end audio power distributor PS-2G


  • aluminum frame
  • dimensions 340 x 123 x 75 (L x W x H)
  • Mumetal case shielding
  • Schuko socket 24k gold plated (Alpha) Furutech
  • FI-09 (G) IEC base Pure copper gold plated Furutech
  • 3mm2 conductor section (2×1.5mm2 twisted)
  • electrical sheath treated by abrasion
  • Shungite powder coating
  • Teflon insulation
  • Basalt sheath
  • Star type connection
  • Aluminum Damping Feet 44x17mm
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The electronic components of your hi-fi system must have an irreproachable electric current supply. This is a fact. Moonwires works on it regularly.

The problem that arises is the following… in your home you are rarely alone; your home shares the same voltage transformer with other apartments, houses and businesses.

That’s why audiophiles find that their systems sound better late at night or on weekends.

Many avid owners of expensive audio systems go to great lengths to carefully design the major components of their system, but few pay attention to one fundamental point; the electrical current.

Moonwires knows that every component of your system is as important as the electronics that make it up. That is why Moonwires pays the utmost attention to all aspects of the current transfer and its distribution.

Why this distributor?
Our power distribution solution is optimized and sophisticated. It is a power distributor that aims to limit its interaction with the rest of your system as much as possible. The goal is to distribute the power, and nothing but the power.

We have therefore opted for innovative solutions that require know-how and meticulous assembly of the components of our distributors. Sober yet efficient, our power distributors are there to ideally complement our range of mineral-shielded mains cables.

Specification sheet Moonwires

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions340 × 123 × 75 cm
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