Flux-50 NCF furutech power filter

The Furutech flux-50 NCF is a power filter unit that purifies the signal of the component it is plugged into.
It can be connected to a very good mains cable of any other brand.
The Furutech Flux-50 NCF has the effect of eliminating distortion caused by background noise and protecting against voltage drops and spikes.

This results in a sound that is obviously purer, more focused and also acquires much more density.
For the connection between power cables and AC current distributors Eliminates and prevents radiated current noise.


Technical Features

  • Filter AC-1501 (R) Rhodium Plated / Treated α (Alpha)
  • Non-magnetic copper alloy conductors
  • The AC-1501 (R) filter has a parallel circuit with coil and capacitor
  • Reduces noise at 1MHz (10dB) and 10MHz (+30dB)
  • Radiated noise shield of the treated conductor α (Alpha)
  • RoHS certified / Audio grade PVC flexible jacket improves vibration isolation
  • High quality polyethylene (PE) insulation
  • Current / Voltage (AC): 115V-250V (15A) / 50-60Hz
  • Cable Specifications: OCC conductors: 3 bodies of 7 conductors of 0.127mm², each with 62 wires treated α (Alpha)
  • Inner sheath: Flexible audio grade PVC with Carbon powder
  • Insulation: Diameter Ø 5.2mm / Audio quality PE insulation (Red / White / Green)
  • Shield : Diameter Ø 0,12mm treated α (Alpha)
  • Jacket : Flexible PVC (Red purple) / Ø 18mm diameter
  • RoHS certified Body : Nylon braided wire / Diameter Ø 18,8mm
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