Flux-50 NCF furutech power filter

The Furutech flux-50 NCF is a power filter unit that purifies the signal of the component it is plugged into.
It can be connected to a very good mains cable of any other brand.
The Furutech Flux-50 NCF has the effect of eliminating distortion caused by background noise and protecting against voltage drops and spikes.

This results in a sound that is obviously purer, more focused and also acquires much more density.
For the connection between power cables and AC current distributors Eliminates and prevents radiated current noise.

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Technical Features

  • Filter AC-1501 (R) Rhodium Plated / Treated α (Alpha)
  • Non-magnetic copper alloy conductors
  • The AC-1501 (R) filter has a parallel circuit with coil and capacitor
  • Reduces noise at 1MHz (10dB) and 10MHz (+30dB)
  • Radiated noise shield of the treated conductor α (Alpha)
  • RoHS certified / Audio grade PVC flexible jacket improves vibration isolation
  • High quality polyethylene (PE) insulation
  • Current / Voltage (AC): 115V-250V (15A) / 50-60Hz
  • Cable Specifications: OCC conductors: 3 bodies of 7 conductors of 0.127mm², each with 62 wires treated α (Alpha)
  • Inner sheath: Flexible audio grade PVC with Carbon powder
  • Insulation: Diameter Ø 5.2mm / Audio quality PE insulation (Red / White / Green)
  • Shield : Diameter Ø 0,12mm treated α (Alpha)
  • Jacket : Flexible PVC (Red purple) / Ø 18mm diameter
  • RoHS certified Body : Nylon braided wire / Diameter Ø 18,8mm
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