Gemini high-end power cable


  • Fine stranded copper wire
  • Wires diameter: 4×1,5mm2
  • Shungite powder coating
  • Copper shielding braid
  • Teflon PTFE insulation
  • Polyester and strands of tinned copper outer sheath
  • Gold-plated connector
  • Option: Swiss, EU or US connectors

Our Moonwires power cables have been developed for high-end audio systems, with a focus on the selection of natural materials and technologies to optimize the transmission of electrical current to hi-fi chain components.

The innovative shielding, made of minerals, plays a vital role in limiting electromagnetic radiation, allowing the cable not to disturb its environment and protecting it from external interference, thus ensuring a quality power supply to audio devices.

The mineral shielding also reduces crosstalk between adjacent cables, an important phenomenon in systems where cables are closely packed together. The mineral-based shielding provides additional benefits, including better absorption of electromagnetic interference compared to traditional shielding and a filtering effect on noise.

The use of high-quality dielectrics like Teflon PTFE significantly reduces the effects of triboelectricity and, as a result, decreases the static noise that could be generated by synthetic materials.

Thus, Moonwires cables position themselves as the ultimate solution for those who seek uncompromised musical quality, thanks to their mineral shielding and uncompromising design.

Specification sheet Moonwires

length power cord

190cm, 160cm, 130cm, 100cm

Electrical socket

Schuko EU, T12 CH

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